Who I Am & Why I’m Here

Hello! And thanks for reading my blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and what you’ll find on History by Canoe.

My name is Robert Olajos. But that’s just my byline, you can call me Bob.

I’m a historian and writer living in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I live with my wife, our two sons (ages 12 and 10), two cats, and a dog. Historian isn’t my day job though. I’m a firefighter — red truck, lights and sirens, all that. But that’s just a job, it’s not my passion.

My passion is history, canoeing, and nature. That’s where History by Canoe comes in, and where the tagline “History, Canoeing, & the Environment in Northern Ontario” comes from. So you can expect posts not only about those three things, but also about their intersections.

I’ll take you on canoe trips where we learn something about history. Or we’ll consider environmental history. Or outdoor adventure and environmentalism. All in Northern Ontario — mostly Northeastern Ontario (North Bay to James Bay). You get the idea.

Next post I’ll tell you a bit about the research I’m doing for my Masters degree at Nipissing University.