What kind of person reads History by Canoe?

I’m doing a two-week blogging course, to get me up to speed. Today’s assignment is to brainstorm the kind of person who reads this blog (that’s you!). Let’s see if I get this right.

For starters, you are an all-round great person. You love history. And canoeing. And Northern Ontario. At least, that’s why my subtitle says. You love to combine those things. So you love the kind of history that you can discover on a canoe trip. Or you love to read up on the history of the areas you plan to visit. Of course, those areas are (mostly) in Northern Ontario.

For instance, you might read about the Teme Augama Anishnabeg logging road blockades of 1988-89 before going camping in Temagami area provincial parks. You might read a 19th century surveyor’s report on the Missinaibi River. Or you might read what the Jesuit Relations have to say about the Mattawa River. And if you don’t do those things (not exactly, anyway) then you definitely expect me to write about those things!

Well, there’s three blog posts for the “to write” list.

Last thing today, WordPress wants me to embed a media element I’ve not yet included in a post. Let’s try my latest tweet.